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During my trip in Canmore, I woke up really early to watch wildlife. I found a large herd of wapities near the town. After 30 minutes watching them, I heard a thunderstorm coming right behind me. In a few seconds, rain became really intense and the mammals began to run like crazy in front of my lens. They were so happy to feel water again in this very hot summer. I really enjoyed this moment, even if i was completely wet after that. I was also able to watch a black bear in Banff National Park that was peacefully eating berries. That is what I like in wildlife photography and I am happy to share you those moments:

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Ancre wildlife

Wildlife leads an active life and yet knows how to remain very discreet. To live a face to face with a wild animal stands therefore like a stroke of luck and is part of the privileged moments that life sometimes offers us. But with perseverance, we discover that these individuals have - like us - a kind of routine and it becomes easier to provoke the meeting. But the most striking images will require in addition ideal conditions such as a beautiful light or a special mood, not to mention an intriguing action or attitude of the animal. Here is my experience about it:

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