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In 2018, I spent 2 months in Vancouver to learn English. After that great experience in which I met a lot of amazing people, I started to travel with my van to explore North America. The first stop was in the Canadian Rockies (Jasper, Banff) before entering the US and visiting Glacier National Park. The very intense forest fires in California caused dense smoke, which unfortunately was very often present. I then explored the bowels of the earth in Yellowstone before a radical change of scenery as I traveled through Utah and its red rock deserts. Arches, Monument Valley, Bryce Canyon or Zion will forge my itinerary. I also went to Las Vegas, a perfect example of American unhealthy excess. Then the road led me to San Diego on the Mexican border and up the California coast. One last detour inland to Yosemite, then I drove along the ocean shore in Oregon and Washington State to my starting point at the end of October in Vancouver. In all, 20,000 kilometres will be covered and at least as many photos captured. The life on the road is pretty special and I grew day after day: as a photographer but also as a human being.

It was a great occasion to learn more about filmmaking. I created the video below, tracing my journey. Based on a personal storytelling, I feel like I the most important thing about videos is that I can share my emotions more deeply than with photography. That's what I tried in the short film. 


I have been lucky to grow up in the Pays-d'Enhaut, the mountains have always been part of my life. Thanks to that, I have probably been able to develop my eye and train it for years. Switzerland will remain my home  and the most beautiful country in my mind.


During 12 days and 4200 kilometers later, I traveled in Iceland to make the complete tour of it. Driving from the great lava deserts of the South to the plains of the North, I found myself in total solitude outside the very touristic points of the island. Between seals, reindeer and Icelandic horses, my goal was to highlight the atmosphere prevailing on these lands, a mixture of icy cold and golden light. This wild volcanic terrain is wildly ravaged and creates large wild expanses with marvelous rocky or glacial formations. I also had the chance to fall asleep in front of the northern lights' magical spectacle during a night spent in my (very) small vehicle.

Lived like an adventure, I realized it was more than just a photo report: my first solo trip will have allowed me to experience an incredible sense of freedom contrasting with the previous 10 months spent in the army.


My travel in an almost unknown region in northern Europe: I often had to explain where these islands were located. They are made of  a lunar landscape with absent trees which offers a change of scenery that I had already felt in Iceland during a previous trip. A gloomy weather often accompanied me and it was not a surprise: these lands are famous for their capricious weather. Despite this, I traveled the archipelago and met hundreds of puffins and sheep for my greatest pleasure.